mwlib: could not get SiteInfo

Recently I tried to install mwlib on a mediawiki server, to convert mediawiki pages into PDF, ODT, xHTML or DocBook, which is really cool.

Unfortunately, after a general upgrade I got this error:

could not get SiteInfo

which led to a non working functionality.

After a long search with google, I understood that the problem is related to permission access to the mediawiki site. In my case, mw-serve was running on the same server on which mediawiki was running, but apache didn’t allow access from localhost. After correcting this, everything went smooth.

Hope this will help others as well.


  1. #1 by Joao on January 16, 2012 - 5:09 pm


    I think i’m having the same problem…can You please describe the steps in order to correct the problem?

    thanks in afvance,
    Best regards

  2. #2 by paci on January 17, 2012 - 11:49 am

    In my case I simply need to add an “Allow” directive into apache configuration. But the message “could not get siteinfo”, basically means that mw-serve can’t access the mediawiki (he tries to get siteinfo from the wiki, indeed). So check that your mw-serve installation can access mediawiki, without login.

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